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The Della Hustle Presents: The Digital Debate


Thurs 16th Aug / Doors open 4pm


We live in a digital age where technology has become the forefront of many of our lives. More than ever we are increasingly relying on digital platforms to communicate, collaborate, and think. 

This Thursday, we've partnered with General Assembly to bring you THE DIGITAL DEBATE, live to Della Hyde.  Enjoy a lively debate, complimentary snacks, $6 drinks & live music following the event!

Keep reading to find out more about the panellists joining us



We've invited a group of industry experts to enjoy a lively debate hitting the hard questions, before opening up to the floor for everyone to have their own debate on the power of digital, the value of smartphones and the right to switch off.

Are we all victims of digital dementia?

 Should we be concerned about artificial intelligence?

Is digital a blessing...or a curse?

 How is the digital age affecting our mental health?

How do you disconnect in an ‘always on’ society?


HOST: Prema Smith


Born in Sri Lanka & growing up in Tasmania, Prema Smith was never bound to be your average aspiring actor. Having worked and lived around people from many creeds and cultures, overcoming adversities while assisting youth with mental health issues, it’s safe to say he has a niche for empathy. Prema moved to Sydney in 2013 to pursue acting and he hasn’t wasted a day since, featuring in many TV shows and movies. Prema also has over a decade experience in business and customer service, from owning his own restaurant to various roles in the hospitality industry, he has developed a natural aptitude for versatility as well as a sought-after work ethic. But it doesn’t stop there; Prema is a natural TV presenter working for likes of Channel 7, ABC, brand local, the Leukaemia foundation and the world’s greatest shave. 

PANELLISTS: Rita Agoulian & Katherine Gennusa

Lick Your Phone


Rita Agoulian and Katherine Gennusa are the Chief Eating Officers of LickYourPhone. LickYourPhone is made up of three popular food Instagram accounts which has a combined 1.7Million followers and has become a trusted source for foodies looking for the next hot spot to eat. Rita and Katherine and known within the industry for creating viral content that inspires the consumer food choice and connects people to extraordinary food.

PANELLIST: Katherine Shirtliffe

Digital Ninjas

Head Shot.png

A self-confessed online addicted, Katherine has over 10 years experience in marketing, gradually building interest and expertise throughout her career. Fascinated at how the likes of Google and Facebook were influencing the world, Katherine decided to dive into digital on a permanent basis. After graduating from General Assembly's Digital Marketing course in 2016 Katherine joined Digital Ninjas, developing, executing and analysing digital marketing strategies for an array of clients, steaming from mental health organisations through to online learning management systems. In her spare time, Katherine dabbles with her on e-commerce store. 

PANELLIST: Robert Meredith

Flo Wellbeing


Robert has been practicing mindfulness meditation for 50 years. For over 15 years he has worked with senior teams and management all over the world assisting them create the leadership and corporate cultures that support them to achieve their vision and goals. He is a lead facilitator for Flo Wellbeing. An innovative company that specialises in corporate wellbeing. He delivers tailored mindfulness programs to companies all over Australia for Flo Wellbeing. To help teams reduce stress and overwhelm, increase productivity and improve their quality of life through being present with their clients and in their personal life.

Flo Wellbeing specialises in Company Wellbeing. Their tailored movement and mindfulness sessions work at work! Helping to reduce stress, increase productivity and improve engagement with companies Australia wide